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America: Better Than Trump

Like many of you, I was somewhere between sobered and horrified watching Donald Trump and the ecstatic reception he got from the Republican Party. After trotting out nervous-looking token minorities and name-checking historically oppressed constituencies, then making a laughable claim to Bernie Sanders's supporters, he unrolled a platform for America that can only, and clearly, be described as fascism.

When Trump talks about "law and order," he's referring to tightening of the press, cracking down on dissent and expanding our prison-industrial complex. When he speaks about safety and security, he means inventing imagined enemies and treating our neighbors with suspicion, exclusion and violence.

Americans have already suffered in droves because Trump's rhetoric has inspired them to acts of bigotry, arson and worse.

To my neighbors in Lower Manhattan and throughout New York, now is the time to know - and to prove - that we are better than this. I promise to do everything I can in Albany, as I have done in our backyard, to give bigotry and violence no quarter. I call on everyone to do what they can to make sure this man never gets near the White House, and continue to build our world into one of cooperation and progress rather than one of suspicion and aggression.

It's in that latter world that people like Trump thrive. Don't give him the opportunity. We are better than this.

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