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Statement on the Special Election in the 65th AD

I congratulate Alice Cancel on her election to the New York State Assembly for the remaining months of Sheldon Silver’s term.  I hope that during her term in office, she will do her best to represent the interests of Lower Manhattan, not the political bosses who have driven the Special Election process from its inception.

Fortunately, on September 13th, the 65th Assembly District will be presented with a real choice.  I will be a candidate in that election - and look forward to asking for your vote.

Today we also saw “Boss” Joe Crowley and the Queens machine's politics of big money and personal attacks fail. Their candidate, Ms. Niou, outspent her opponent more than 50 to 1 - dumping hundreds of thousands of special interest dollars on vicious and misleading attack ads. Despite this, she was unable to overcome her lack of connection to Lower Manhattan.

In a flawed, interim election, Lower Manhattan chose a machine candidate from our neighborhood over a machine candidate from another borough.  On September 13th, we’ll have the chance to elect an Assembly Member who is independent of Joe Crowley, Sheldon Silver, or any other boss.

I have spent my career fighting for honest, progressive government for our neighborhoods and our state.  I look forward to asking for your support on September 13th.

Tomorrow, that campaign begins.  Please visit my website,, for more information.  Thank you.

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