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Albany’s culture of corruption can no longer be ignored. Our goal should be not to purge a few bad actors, but to end the culture of corruption – for good. Political graft is more than immoral. It impoverishes us all. The costs of corruption are higher rents, higher taxes, underfunded schools, and crumbling subways.

For years, Paul Newell has been a leading voice for ethics and honesty in our state government. Long before the recent convictions, Newell was calling out Albany legislators for secret outside income and unregulated campaign contributions.

Eqaully important is a Democratic Party that is effective and free of lobbyist control.

More than ever, New York needs a new approach to leadership. Paul Newell has proposed the following reforms:

  • Ban Lobbyists from Democratic Party Leadership: There is a role in the world for lobbyists, but it is not in the leadership of the Democratic Party.  Rules must be changed at the County, State, and Federal levels returning the people's party to the people.
  • Outside Income Caps: Keep Albany honest with strict limits on outside income for legislators and other policymakers.

  • Publicly Funded Elections: Full funding of state elections – to make sure big developers, oil companies, and party bosses don’t control our government.

  • Transparency and Accountability: Establish an open legislative process to end the corrupt rule of “Three Men in a Room” – and let all 20 million New Yorkers in on our state government.

  • Campaign Finance Reform: Close the LLC and “Housekeeping” loopholes, through which real estate developers and other special interest funnel unregulated contributions to political parties and our legislators.

  • Expand Voting Access: Make voting easier by establishing early voting, vote-by-mail, and same-day registration – maximizing participation in our political process.

  • Special Election Reform: Newell will fight to stop the backroom party bosses in all political parties from locking out New York voters.



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