Knows us. Fights for us. ALL of us.

Quality of Life

Paul Newell was born and raised in this communityn, and he loves our neighborhoods more than anything. He knows how important it is that we make our streets – and our homes – safe and livable. In Albany, and in our neighborhood, Newell will work to make our communities healthy and vibrant. To get us there, he will:

  • Fight the Over-Density of Bars: Nightlife has an important role in our neighborhoods, and always will. But the massive overproliferation of liquor licenses in our community - from the Lower East Side's "Hell Square" to SoHo and beyond - is out of control. Thriving neighborhoods require retail diversity. Newell will work with the SLA to deny new licenses to overburdened neighborhoods, and withdraw them from problem operators.

  • Stop the Chop: The Federal Government and the City and State of New York have invested billions of dollars in the past decades building a residential community in Lower Manhattan. Allowing wealthy tourists to joyride in helicopters represents economic and planning malpractice – and threatens the livability of our neighborhoods. Newell will sponsor legislation to ban all tourist helicopter rides from New York Harbor.

  • Traffic Calming: These neighborhoods are the crossroads of the world. But we don’t need to be everyone’s highway. Newell has been a longtime advocate for congestion pricing, and will work to reverse tolls on the Verrazano Bridge – ending the perverse incentives that send tens of thousands of diesel trucks rattling past our homes and schools. He’ll also fight for lower speed limits and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes that make our neighborhoods livable and safe for seniors and families.



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