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The following articles have been published about Paul, this campaign, or the Democratic Primary election. For news from the campaign (press releases and blog posts) see the Campaign Blog section. 


'The D.I.D. has been standing for community representation and ethical government for 45 years,' Newell said. 'I am proud to carry that banner in this election and will be prouder still to do so in Albany.'

D.I.D. endorses Paul Newell for Assembly, The Villager


In the end, those who spoke for Newell won the day.  He garnered 61% of the votes compared with 33% for Rajkumar and 6% for Yuh-Line Niou. Candidates Alice Cancel, Gigi Li, Don Lee, Chris Marte and John Bal received no votes.

Paul Newell Wins Downtown Independent Democrats’ Endorsement For Assembly Seat, The Lo-Down


Healthcare in a city of 8.5 million residents needs to be about resource allocation based on need, not on real estate prices or the corporate bottom line. - Paul Newell

Beth Israel is a key lifeline; We can’t lose it, The Villager


獲蕭貴源、趙文笙個人背書 華裔擔任競選顧問 65選區選舉開戰

紐維爾宣佈競選紐約第65選區州眾議員, Epoch Times


Mr. Newell is a longtime community organizer, tenant activist, and persistent advocate for ethics reform in Albany, who helped found New York Neighbors for American Values, a coalition dedicated to preserving diversity and religious tolerance. 

Joining the Assembly Line, The Broadsheet


Newell said he would be a fighter for all of the district’s diverse neighborhoods. 'We are not a passive people in Lower Manhattan,' he explained. 'It is not who we are. It is not who we want to be. We stand up. We organize and we demand what we need, not by trading favors with the well-heeled and well-connected but by standing up for our communities.'

Paul Newell Launches Campaign For State Assembly Seat, The Lo-Down


Seven years ago, Paul Newell elicited snickers in the political world by challenging one of the most powerful figures in the state.

Nobody’s laughing now.

This Democrat wants to take over Sheldon Silver's seat, Crain's New York Business


...Paul Newell, a progressive reformer with a long history in the district who had been vocally critical of Silver at a time when few dared to...

Primary Politics: Winter Is Coming to the 65th District, The Village Voice


Newell, who has long called for reform in Albany, said the result was no surprise, especially in light of the 'broken political process' for filling a vacant Assembly seat.

Controversy Surrounds Democratic Candidate Chosen for Sheldon Silver's Seat, DNAinfo New York


Silver’s arrest opens a window of opportunity. We may finally have momentum to end corruption in Albany, both legal and illegal. - Paul Newell

Shelly’s arrest has a silver lining, The New York Daily News


...said lower Manhattan Democratic District Leader Paul Newell. 'We’re not asking for a crazy thing. We’re asking to create the circumstance in which non-homeowners can put down roots.'

New York City Tenants Cite Tax Credit in Fight Against Rent Increases, The Wall Street Journal


'This is a community wide issue,' said Paul Newell...'We have an opportunity here to dramatically change the neighborhood’s character for the better.'

Tenants fight for rent limits, Downtown Express


'There was a goal there,' Newell said of 421g [rent stabilization program], first passed by the New York Assembly in 1995. 'The goal is to create a stable, healthy community in Lower Manhattan, and to do that residents need to know that their rent is not going to be doubled when their lease ends.'

Tenants at 50 Murray mull taking on Bistricer over 421g, The Real Deal


Paul Newell, a Downtown community leader who advocated for the project, said 'Park51 is a great example of Lower Manhattan's dynamic resilience. Our commitment to diversity has always been our greatest strength. I'm looking forward to Park51's contributions to our neighborhood's fabric.'

Diversity on Display, The Broadsheet Daily


...the lower East Side, East Village, Chinatown, Wall Street and Battery Park City would gain in Newell a well-qualified representative who is both in sync with the district's political leanings and in touch with grass-roots concerns about traffic, schools, affordable housing and sustainable neighborhoods.

Dump Sheldon Silver, The New York Daily News


...The Post today endorses the candidacy of Paul Newell for Assembly.... Newell is a 33-year-old community organizer who’s lived in the area for much of his life. He also is an unapologetic liberal of the sort that Manhattan grows like mushrooms after midnight.