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Why Passover is my Favorite Holiday


Passover has always been my favorite holiday.  Not just because I love food, family, tradition, and wine.  But because I know of no other holiday that so explicitly celebrates the struggle for freedom and economic justice.  One of the reasons I am so proud to be Jewish, is our history of fighting injustice.  In Lower Manhattan, we know that story well.  Clara Lemlich, Lillian Wald, Meyer London, Margaret Sanger, Sidney Hillman, Bessie Abramowitz, Miriam Friedlander, and so many more. 

The Passover story is the origin of this strain of Jewish thought.  Our very identity as a people was forged in a revolt of the working class.  So even when we lose our way for 40-years or so (be it in the desert or in the Assembly), every year we repeat the story of standing up to oppression – complete with ritualized tears, mortar, and sympathy for our enemies.  It is a beautiful holiday and a beautiful tradition.  I am proud to be celebrating it.

So, gut yuntif, chag sameach, a zisn pesach, and a happy Passover to all who celebrate, and all who stand up for what is right.  The struggle continues.

  • Burl Barer
    commented 2016-04-24 03:02:09 -0400
    “If ye stay not the hand of the oppressor, if ye fail to safeguard the rights of the down-trodden, what right have ye then to vaunt yourselves among men?”

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