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BREAKING: Paul Newell Endorsed by State Nurses and Healthcare Workers!

I'm so honored to have been endorsed by the state's largest nurses' union, the New York State Nurses' Association (NYSNA), the New York Professional Nurses' Union (NYPNU), and the Committee of Interns and Residents / SEIU Healthcare (CIR)!  Nurses, Interns and Residents represent the literal lifeline of Lower Manhattan, and these organizations fight hard every day against that lifeline being cut.  I have been proud to stand with them.

Come help spread the word in the final two weeks!

“Paul Newell has stood with us to prevent the for-profit takeover of healthcare, to support safe staffing legislation and to protect workers' rights.   Electing more genuine progressive champions like Paul is the first step toward addressing these healthcare crises in our state,” said Marva Wade, RN, NYSNA 1st Vice-President and Chairperson of the NYSNA-PAC.

NYSNA, NYPNU and CIR have been pushing relentlessly to prevent healthcare policy from being dictated by the corporate bottom line.  I'm looking forward to working with them next year in the Assembly, so we can make one thing perfectly clear: decisions about healthcare belong with healthcare workers, not the real estate market.  This is about who lives and who dies, and these decisions must put lives before profit.
Plug in to our final volunteer push!  14 days left till the polls close - let's bring this thing home!

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