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No issue threatens our community more than the spiraling cost of housing. Paul Newell has been a leader in Lower Manhattan’s fight for affordable housing for years. He has led the charge to extend rent regulation to thousands of new apartments in our neighborhoods – and to protect regulation for many thousands more. Newell has lobbied Albany to allocate the capital funds that our aging housing stock so desperately needs. As a Mitchell-Lama resident, Newell knows how vital middle- and low-income housing are to a healthy community.

He believes that we can maintain our homes and keep them affordable – and we can do it without selling off our gardens and our playgrounds.

Newell’s work has brought him to every floor of the buildings that form the backbone of Lower Manhattan’s middle class. From NYCHA to Mitchell-Lama to Coop Village to Section 8 and beyond, Newell has been fighting for our homes.

  • Expand Rent Stabilization: Full, permanent rent stabilization for all apartments receiving any kind of government benefit or tax break.

  • Keep Units Regulated: An immediate end to vacancy bonuses and “high-rent decontrol” for all units.

  • Prioritize NYCHA Repairs: Immediate allocation of at least $2 billion per year of desperately needed capital repairs at NYCHA.

  • Sustain Mitchell-Lama Infrastructure: A fund to help Mitchell-Lama coops address their aging building stock

  • End Tenant Harassment: Newell will work for stronger laws to protect NYC tenants – and work with community leaders to call out and punish bad landlords.

  • House Our Seniors: Newell will advocate for more housing – in our neighborhoods and around the city – so our seniors can live in the communities they built.

  • Safeguard Property Tax Abatements: Extend and strengthen the Coop/Condo property tax abatement program with an eye toward permanent reform.

  • Build More Affordable Housing: Work with the Port Authority to build permanent, affordable artist housing at the World Trade Center 5 site.

  • Rein in Battery Park City Fees: Work with the state to limit out-of-control ground rents and PILOT charges in Battery Park City.



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