Knows us. Fights for us. ALL of us.

Health Care for All

Paul Newell has fought to extend access to affordable, quality health care all his life. He helped build Ubuntu Education Fund, an HIV response organization that has brought education and treatment to tens of thousands. Newell founded the Coalition for a New Village Hospital when St. Vincent’s Hospital was in danger of closure. Later, he brought that expertise to the fight to save LICH hospital in Cobble Hill.  And he has been a champion of the Affordable Care Act – informing tens of thousands of New Yorkers about enrollment opportunities. In Albany, Newell will work to expand quality health care to all New Yorkers, fighting to:

  • Pass Medicare For All a/k/a Single-Payer Health Care: It’s time New York guaranteed health care for all New Yorkers. Every study shows that single-payer would reduce cost to taxpayers and dramatically improve health care outcomes. Newell will work to pass single-payer health care for New York State, and push for that model to be adopted nationwide

  • Save Our Hospitals: A rash of hospital closures threatens the safety of all New Yorkers. Now the Mt. Sinai Hospital location on 1st Avenue (formerly Beth Israel) is in danger of being closed or severely downgraded. Newell will pressure state regulators to deny any such change.

  • Pass Paid Family Leave: Too many of our neighbors are just one illness or accident away from crisis. Newell will work to pass paid family leave for all New Yorkers.



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