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Will you endorse Paul publicly?


Our community is coming together to support a new kind of leadership. To get there, we need to show our neighbors that we will stand up for real change.

That is why I am asking for your endorsement for State Assembly.

My campaign is never going to propped up by the party machines. But when our neighbors see the breadth of our support, that won’t matter. In return, I pledge leadership that is both transparent and progressive. We need to start allocating resources based on community needs - not political connections.

By adding your name publicly, we all raise our voices together to say to the power brokers of Albany, we can do better.

Thank you,





25 votes

I Endorse! I publicly endorse Paul! Use my name.
I support but... I support Paul but please don't publish my name. We cool?
~Yes we are! Thank you for letting us know you support!
I 'm not convinced yet I'm open to supporting but I need more information.
Tell me more!

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