Knows us. Fights for us. ALL of us.


pict13-crop.jpgPaul Newell is a proud product of New York City’s excellent public schools - from P.S. 41 to Stuyvesant High School. While many of our kids enjoy that excellence today, we are failing too many others. Newell will work to make excellent schools available to every New York family – regardless of zone or zip code. He’ll stand up for:

  • Fighting School Overcrowding: It is an inexcusable failure of planning that allowed our communities to grow faster than our schools. Newell will ensure that school seats grow with our neighborhoods.
  • Quality Middle Schools: Many parents feel that they have found a quality school for their children at the elementary level, but are concerned by the lack of quality options at the middle-school level. All neighborhoods – and all parents – have the right to an excellent, local public middle school.
  • Fully Funding CUNY: World-class public higher education is an essential part of New York's success. Both Paul's parents graduated from CUNY - enabling them to break in to New York's middle class. Funding CUNY is a state responsibility. Newell will work to ensure that it remains so, and that state funds for CUNY grow along with New York's needs.
  • Fighting the Privatization of our Schools: Too many of our public goods are under threat of privatization.  If we allow education to become the next, we lose our credibility to call ourselves a meritocratic society.  Newell will oppose further efforts to privatize or schools and undercut the education professionals who work in them.



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