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Climate, Environmental Justice, and Clean Energy

Hurricane Sandy showed how uniquely vulnerable Waterfront Lower Manhattan is to the ravages of climate change. During the storm, Newell coordinated a vital relief effort; mobilizing hundreds of volunteers and delivering food, water, and medicine to our homebound seniors and other neighbors.

But responding to a crisis is not enough. More important is preventing the next one. That means protecting our coastline, retrofitting our buildings, and ending our dependence on fossil fuels. As an organizer and activist, Newell has worked to keep our neighborhoods – and our planet – safe. In Albany, Newell will fight to:

  • Protect Our Coastlines: Continued investment in resiliency infrastructure for Waterfront Lower Manhattan.

  • Safeguard Our Buildings: Retrofitting buildings in flood-prone areas – from the L.E.S. and Two bridges down to the Seaport and Battery Park City.

  • Green Affordable Housing: Use independent, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly local energy sources for the NYCHA and Mitchell-Lama buildings – instead of overpriced Con Ed steam heat

  • Ban Fracking: A permanent ban on hydrofracking in New York State – and no new pipelines or other fossil fuel infrastructure.

  • Invest in Renewable Energy: Harness renewable energy sources, including offshore wind – to make New York State 100% clean energy by 2030.

  • Divest from Fossil Fuels: Full divestment of New York State’s pension funds and other investments from the doomed fossil fuel industry.



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